We stand in solidarity with the black community as we collectively confront our nation's history of systemic racial injustice, and take action to dismantle these looming structures of inequity and melanin-based privilege. 

Since our brand's inception, we have stood for style, substance, and solidarity. Our existence is predicated upon giving the mic to marginalized voices, banding together around the experiences shared, and celebrating the multitudes that grace this planet through our multisensory collections.

Unconscious bias to overt racism -- all degrees of discrimination -- require a steadfast commitment and an ongoing effort to break down.

We pledge to do our part in nourishing a community where race does not precede individuality today and EVERY day. 

Additionally, for the month of June, we are donating 50% of our profits to Black Lives Matter.

We're listening. We're learning. We're unlearning. We're in this fight.