Hot & Sour Co. celebrates style, substance, and solidarity. You're multifaceted, and the things that you invite into your life should celebrate that fact. Whether you're looking for a new ring to keep your fingers warm while you’re shaking your tail feather on the dance floor, or a podcast to snack on while you’re en route to meeting an investor, H&S has got your back.

We are a multisensory media brand that is ever curious, and ever evolving, just like you. Every twelve months, we explore a new theme of personal identity, and release a capsule collection of physical product and digital content that manifests that theme. In doing so, we seek to nourish all of the senses.

The common thread across everything that we produce is our dedication to expanding the bounds of convention, by bringing together unlikely combinations of silhouettes and materials that pay homage to the magic of the multidimensional people and multicultural perspectives that roam this Earth. 

Our multisensory collections are designed and produced out of SF & NYC.


Hot & Sour Co. is founded by Adrienne Han, and grounded in three tenants:

1) Style: Our collections speak; they don't shout. You tell your story, and we'll amplify your narrative.

2) Substance: Our collections are suitable for any occasion. You live a vibrant life, and we want to be there for as much of it as we can. 

3) Solidarity:  Our collections brings varying perspectives into dialogue, focusing on the "&" and putting to rest the "or". We are interested in uniting, not dividing.


In the press:

🌟 Top 50 Unsung Heroes of 2021Asian Hustle Network, 2021

🌟 The ABCs of Being ABCWomen and Hollywood, 2021 

🌟 Sophia Amoruso's Business Class Scholarship Recipient, 2021