The Babe Brigade celebrates style and substance. You're a multifaceted babe, and your clothing should celebrate that. Whether your shutting it down in the board room or shaking your tail feather on the dance floor, we've got your back.

We create clothing that acknowledges all of you, and everything that you do. Our hallmark Ampersand dress is the first manifestation of this mission.


The Babe Brigade was created by Adrienne Han, with three tenants:

1) Style: Shining the light on personal style, by providing an understated backdrop for the wearer to accessorize and launch their own narrative.

2) Substance: Celebrating all the avenues and activities that our Babes are invested in, focusing on the “&” and putting to rest the “or”. Babes are multifaceted, not some contrived, binary consumer profile.

3) Solidarity:  Clothing for every body; making every body marvelous


The Babe Brigade is based out of the ever charming San Francisco, California.