Sextech & Silicon Valley. Forbes 30 Under 30 Anna Lee, Co-Founder of Lioness

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Mental health, physical health, and sexual health are inextricably tied. Today, we're talking sextech and femtech with Anna Lee. Anna is a former mechanical engineer at Amazon, Forbes 30 Under 30, Paper Magazine's Asian Women Creators You Need to Know, and technical co-founder at Lioness, a women-led startup that’s built the world's first and only ergonomic biofeedback vibrator. Anna is a 1.5 generation Korean American who would have never guessed she’d one day be engineering smart(er) sex toys, but she is, and she’s brought the scientific method with her.

After all, never measured, never improved.

This episode is about destigmatizing female sexuality and taking control of our sexual health by tending to it as part of our overall wellness routine. Vibrators as vitamins, if you will.

In the next hour, Anna and I talk about deconstructing taboos, escaping the well documented start-up fate of feuding co-founders, the art of marketing sex toys in Asia, and how we can take the driver’s seat in navigating our sexual health.