When "Me" Meets "We"

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Which do you think more often about: “Me” or “We”? Historically, whether we belonged to the school of individualism or the school of collectivism had to do with the cultural context we were brought up around, whether we grew up with more Western or Eastern influence. Today however, between a global pandemic, planetary climate change, and national civic movements that are resurfacing racial disparities which many had previously thought had already been squashed, the “We” -- collective effort and collective gain -- appears to be something we’ll all need to get comfortable with. Out with the notion that individualism and collectivism are mutually exclusive. In with the power of paradox, of holding the tension between “Me” and “We” within ourselves. 
In this episode, we get into harnessing the power of not “Me” vs. “We”, but “Me” & “We”. First, we get interactive, with a few real-time tests to gauge where we currently are on that scale spanning from individualist to collectivist. Then, we talk actionable steps to building our ability to flex between the two. This is a space where the multifacetedness of & > the restriction of Or. Let’s get to tapping into the power of paradox.

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