2020: Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul, Podcast Series & Resin Rings

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While you're here, here's a half serving of Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul. A rapid fire primer on the 2020 collection--

  • The name of the collection is as it suggests. It's a toast to multiculturalism. When people ask chicken noodle or hot & sour soup, we say both. The "and" holds more magic than the "or".
  • This season consists of conversations with Asian Americans across an assortment of industries, and delves into their individual journeys to finding cultural equilibrium both personally and professionally. In the process, we expand upon what success, leadership, and fulfillment can look like in the US.
  • Seeing as we are a multisensory media brand, you can expect a medley of sensory components every season. This season includes sight, sound, and touch. It's a party that manifests as cocktail of a podcast series and a ring collection. 

Anything else you're curious about? Our Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul FAQs episode should cover it. Your questions, answered. 

Look around, get tactile, listen in...we're here to nourish the senses.